1. Personnel

Alan D. Resch, Editor/Publisher
Randall Rigsbee, Managing Editor
Deirdre Brown, Advertising Director

2. Commissions & Terms of Payment

a. Retail rates are non-commissionable. Attention Advertising Agencies: our rates our non-commissionable. We do not offer contracts, repeat discounts, quick pay discounts, cash discounts or pre-pay discounts.
b. Advertising is payable at the time of purchase unless the advertiser or his agency has credit with paper, or until credit is established. Payment in advance is required for all new advertisers until credit is established by check , cash or money order. We do not have a credit card machine, no credit cards accepted.
c. “Going Out of Business” advertising is accepted only with payment in advance.
d. Payment in advance (by check only) is required for all political ads.
e. Account Terms — Net 15 days.

3. General Rate Policy

a. Rate Revisions: Publisher reserves the right to revise rates at any time on at least 30 days notice.

4. Advertising Rates

The Chatham News and The Chatham Record are published on Thursday, and are paid circulation broadsheet newspapers. ROP advertisements run in both papers at one cost. Rates Effective May 1, 2012. Rates follow:
a. Open Net Rate . . . $7.25 per column inch
b. Page Breakdown Pricing
Full Page (6 col. x 21 ¼ in.) $935.25
3/4 Page (4 col. x 21 ¼ in.) $623.50
1/2 Page – Vertical or Horizontal
(3 col. x 21 ¼ in.) or
(6 col. x 10 3/4 in.) $467.63
1/4 Page (3 col. x 10 3/4 in.) $233.81
Pre-Printed Insert Rates
a. 6 pg. standard / 12 pg. tab $550
b. Over 6 pg. standard / 12 pg. tab $575
The Chatham News and The Chatham Record offer low-cost delivery of pre printed material to most Chatham County homes.
All inserts sized 6 standard/12 tab pages are billed at a flat rate of $550.00 regardless of the number of preprints. Inserts larger than 6 standard pages are billed at a flat rate of $575.00. Inserts may be placed in both The Chatham News / The Chatham Record for these rates. ZONING NOT AVAILABLE.
Circulation Total…………..8000
The Chatham News………5000
The Chatham Record…….2500
Please Note We Do Not Bill C.P.M Only Flat Rate
Ship all pre-prints to:
The Chatham News
303 West Raleigh Street
Siler City, NC 27344
Receiving Hours:
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Thursday
8 a.m. till noon on Friday
*** Pre-prints must be received and scheduled at least 7 business days prior to publication date. Wednesday prior to the publishing date.
Maximum insert size – 21″ x 12″ (folded 10.5″ x 12″)

5. Color Rates – Not Available

Only available with prior arrangements with the management. Color only available on occasional special sections.

6. Special Services

a. Proofs are available on all display ads, either by email, fax, mail or in our office. Proofs will be delivered (locally) if requested for 1/4 page ads or larger. Approval of proofs with any errors will be the responsibility of the client.
b. Tear sheets will be provided if requested for all display ads. Tears sheets provided only if ad cost is more than $10.00 per week.
c. Advertising layout service provided to advertisers.
d. Clip art services, including cuts and illustrations, are available for ads at no charge to advertiser.
e. Included in our reasonable rates is personal attention to your advertising needs, including advice and consultation about your advertising program. Feel free to call on us for help.

7. R.O.P. Depth Requirements

Standard Page: Minimum display ad is 1 column inch x 2 inches. Advertisements over 19 inches will be billed full column depth of 21 1/4 inches.
* A 2 column ad must be a minimum of 2 inches in height, 3 column ads must be at least 3 inches in height, etc.

8. Electronic Ad Submissions

If an ad is submitted electronically, it must be on a CD or flash drive that is PC compatible.
We work with the following programs:
• InDesign CS2
• Photoshop CS2
• Word 2003
• Acrobat 5.
Files accepted in the following forms:
PDF (preferred), JPEG or TIFF.
We do not have Quark , Publisher,Power Point, Excel or Mac computers.

9. Copy Regulations

a. All advertising copy is subject to acceptance by the Publisher, who reserves the right to revise, edit or refuse any or all copy.
b. We reserve the right to insert the word “advertisement: in all ads, especially “all copy” ads which may be mistaken for news articles.
c. We want your ad to be accurate and correct, and normally there will be no errors. However, should there be an error and it is our fault, we will give you a correction letter and a discount which is deemed appropriate by the management for the space occupied by the incorrect copy. However, we must be notified in time to correct the advertisement before the second insertion. Credit is allowable for the first insertion only. In the event of error or omission we will, upon request, furnish a letter stating the correction, but will not assume any liability for any difference if goods are sold at the incorrect price nor is the advertiser required to sell the product or service for the incorrect price. The Chatham News Publishing Co., Inc. will not be held liable for any loss due to omission of advertising material. In advertisements that run more than one week, we will be responsible for errors appearing in the first week only.
d. The advertiser agrees to indemnify and save harmless the publisher against any and all loss, damage, cost and expense which the publisher may incur or become liable for by reason of any and all claims or actions for libel, violation of right of privacy, plagiarism, copyright infringement, and any and all other claims in connection with advertising matter published pursuant to the terms and provisions of the contract, including without limitation the expense and cost of defending any and all such claims and actions.
e. Due to production limitations we do not guarantee positions, nor is advertising accepted for publication subject to position. Failure to comply with a position request will not result in a “make good” or refund.
f. POLITICAL AD POLICY All political ads must be placed in the Siler City office located at 303 W. Raleigh St., Siler City, NC 27344. No payment or placement will be accepted in the Pittsboro office, All ads must be paid for at the time of placement or by Monday’s at 5:00pm in advance of publication. Political ads can not be placed on account, payment by check only.
No ad is accepted for publication until paid. Including emailed ads. The ad must be paid for by Monday at 5:00pm in the Siler City office. All ad copy must be submitted by deadline Monday at 5:00pm.
All ads must abide by the state political advertising laws. In accordance with the State Board of Elections:
All ads must include the statement: “Paid for by ______ ( Name of candidate, candidate campaign committee, political party organization, political action committee, referendum committee, individual or other sponsor.)
An ad that opposes a particular candidate must disclose the candidate it is intended to benefit and whether the ad is authorized or not authorized by the candidate.
These disclosures must be at least 5% of the height of the printed space and be at least 12 point in size no matter how small the ad is.
All political ads must be paid for by check along with written authority for each expenditure from each candidate, treasurer or individual making or authorizing expenditure. No cash, money orders or credit cards. R.O.P. Rate $6.50 per column inch

10. Closing Times (Deadlines)

Monday 5:00 PM
• Society Ads
Includes birthdays, anniversaries, memorials, etc.
Includes real estate, auctions, help wanted
Tuesday 12:00 PM Noon
• classified line ads
• motor vehicle ads – ad copy due Monday 5:00pm
• All other Advertising Tuesday 3:00 PM
**For proofs, multiple pages, double trucks, large ads, or extensive layout work, above deadlines advance 24 hours.

11. Mechanical Measurements

a. Standard page size is 11.614″ wide x
21 1/4″ deep, (6 columns x 21 1/4″) or 129 column inches per page. Double Truck: 24 1/2″ x 21 1/4″ deep, billed at 279 inches.
b. Printing method: Goss offset press using photo composition, aluminum plates.halftone screens from 65 to 85 lines are preferred for best reproduction.
c. Width of column is 11 picas or 1.833″. Columns to page is 6. Gutter measurement is 1 pica.
1 column – 1.833″ 11 Picas
2 column – 3.75″ 22.5 Picas
3 column – 5.748″34.5 Picas
4 column – 7.677″ 46.5 Picas
5 column – 9.646″ 58 Picas
6 column – 11.614″ 70 Picas

12. Classified Rates

a. Classified Display Open Rate $7.25
Classified section on 6 column format, same mechanical measurements as the rest of the newspaper.
b. Legal Ads (per column inch)
Notice to Creditors for Estates, (flat rate)
……………………………………….. $90.00
c. Classified Line Rates:
• A cost of $5.00 per insertion for 25 words or less. Additional words are 20¢ each.
• Non-business classifieds must be paid in advance, unless an account is established.
Additional Services:
• “Keyed or Blind” Ads that are mailed to our post office box cost an additional $5.00. No information will be given from this office as to the identity of persons placing blind ads.

13. Services Directory

Small Directory $15.00 week
Large Directory $20.00 week
Small: 1.833″ (wide) x 1 3/4″
Large: 3.75″ (wide) x 1 3/4″
**These directory ads must run a minimum of 4 weeks with no changes.

14. Wedding & Engagement Services

Wedding & engagement announcements.
1 col. Bride Photograph $25.00
2 col. Bride/Groom Photograph $50.00

15. Circulation

The Chatham News and The Chatham Record are published weekly, by The Chatham News Publishing Co., Inc. at 303 West Raleigh Street, Siler City, NC 27344.
Total Paid Distribution : 8,000 –Total Circulation: 7,500
Learn more about our circulation

16. Online Website Advertising

Leader Banner 700×120 (1 week) 95.00 per week (4 weeks) $75.00 per week
Bottom Banner 700×150 (1 week) 85.00 per week (4 weeks) $65.00 per week
Side Bar Lg 230×400 (1 week) 75.00 per week (4 weeks) $55.00 per week
Side Bar Md 230×188 (1 week) 45.00 per week(4 weeks)  $35.00 per week
Side Bar Sm 230×98 (1 week) 25.00 per week (4 weeks) $15.00 per week

Can link to either your homepage or a printable PDF of your ad.

** Ad on Run of Site (ad appears on every page) Additional $150.00 fee


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