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コアのヒント:バルナウアー,Advantages of red copper tube Durability: copper has stable chemical properties, integrating cold resistance,バルナウアー中空アル

Advantages of red copper tube Durability: copper has stable chemical properties, integrating cold resistance,バルナウアー中空アルミニウム管, pressure resistance corrosion resistance and fire resistance, and can be used in different environments for a long time.

In the middle and late ten days, although there were good news such as the rise of futures and the increase of production restriction policy in Wuan region, due to the high inventory level, traders had no desire to increase prices, most of them had shipped goods, and spot prices lacked motivation to rise. The market inventory rose significantly. At that time, the market inventory in Handan reached a high level after the festival. The sluggish demand performance for a long time led to the oversupply of the market, and the continuous rise of inventory led to the empty market mentality.

バルナウアーAvoid discoloration of coil surface due to pollution, and control the composition of auxiliary materials such as lubricating oil and cleaning agent. The supplier is required to provide technical performance indicators such as viscosity, flash point, acid value and distillation range, and the third-party test report of elements harmful to copper tubes. In the rewinding process, strengthen the cleaning of the copper tube surface to reduce the residue of lubricating oil on the copper tube surface.

To sum up, due to the influence of factors such as the current spot market price is much higher than the expected winter storage price of merchants, the gradual emergence of supply and demand pressure,バルナウアー310 sステンレスコイル, and the weakness of raw material support, among which the contraction of market demand has a greater impact. Therefore, the author believes that in the short term, the spot building materials do not have the possibility to rise significantly, but with the shrinking demand, the supply and demand pressure becomes prominent, However, considering the influence of winter storage and other factors, it is still possible for merchants to lower the spot price in November.

アルマジャリダFor small diameter pipes, when using filler metal, which is enough to fill the weld crater. One of the five major application fields of red coppr plate T, accounting for more than half of the total consumption. Used for various cables and wires, motors and transformers,バルナウアーアルミニウム青銅板, switches and printed circuit boards; In the manufacture of machinery and transport vehicles, it is used to manufacture industrial valves and accessories, instruments, sliding bearings, molds, heat exchangers pumps, etc.


The ex factory price of Linyi Pipe Factory has decreased by yuan for cash Baocheng ( * mm, the same below) yuan, yuan for Jin Zhengyang yuan, yuan for Ruigang Lianlian, yuan for Baoda yuan, you can choose passivation treatment. In this way and yuan for Taizong yuan.


If you want to avoid this kind of situation for a long time, not only is the copper surface serious, it can be cleaned under normal circumstances, but it is not a big problem to keep it in the air for one year or more after ultrasonic treatment and immersion treatment,完全な科学的な銅管使用計画を制定することを指す.

Five of the five major application fields of copper plate, copper bar and copper tube: copper is used in medicine. In the s, Chinese medical inventors Liu Tongqing and Liu Tongle found that copper has extremely strong s, and successfully developed the corresponding "Cancer Suppressing ", which is successful in the near future.

どの家がいいですかAdvantages: good quality, fine structure, high density, high pressure resistance, large bending deformation, suitable for frequent cold and heat exchange, large temperature difference in working environment, the local copper bar price continued to rise at a high level today, while the regions outside East China did not show an obvious follow-up trend, and the local price still has the advantage of price difference with the Northeast and Central China regions. The local inventory pressure will be further reduced due to the small volume of local follow-up goods under the influence of production restriction, and the price support of copper bar is still strong. However, at present, domestic real estate control is still being tightened. The markets expectation of future demand is weakening, and the markets fear of heights appears after the price rises.Today, the market price of copper bars in Shenyang is stable and the shipment is poor.



The copper tube shall be heated and welded first and then the joint shall be heated until the heated part turns dark red. At this time, when the filler metal contacts the tube, the filler metal shall melt.


どのように銅管を発光させるかは乾燥空気中で安定しているが,電力銅管の表面は湿った空気中で腐食されやすく,緑色の材料を生成し,般的には& ;quot;銅緑& ;“;,その主成分は& ;quot;アルカリ式炭酸銅& ;”;.では,どうやって緑を取り除くのでしょうか.機械摩擦によって緑銅色を除去することができますが,これは面倒なだけでなく,青銅の表面を傷つけることになります.ここで&## ;これは銅緑を除去する良い方法です.メスシリンダーを用いてミリリットルの濃厚アンモニア水を採取し,ビーカーに入れ,その後ミリリットルの蒸留水を加えガラス棒で攪拌し,アンモニア水溶液すなわち銅水を拭く.銅摩擦水は銅緑と反応して可溶性青銅アンモニア錯体を形成し,銅緑を除去することができる.銅研磨水から銅緑を除去する効果を高めるために,銅研磨水にチョークやタルク粉を加えることもでき,これは機械的摩擦を増加させ,銅錆の深層を分に暴露し,銅緑とアンモニアの完全な反応を確保し,銅表面を滑らかに明るくすることができる.綿を銅の水に浸し,銅錆の付いた銅製品を繰り返し拭き取る.すぐに青銅器の表面から銅錆が消え,銅製品は再び明るい金属光沢を見せ綿は青色に染まった.銅製品の中には銅の緑が除去しにくいものがある場合は,銅洗浄水にしばらく浸してから,銅洗浄水をつけた綿で拭き取ります.

Advantages of red copper tube Durability: copper has stable chemical properties, integrating cold resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and fire resistance, and can be used in different environments for a long time.

バルナウアーantages: low production cost and high production efficiency.

The price of tube billets was adjusted and lowered mainly due to the production restriction of environmental protection and the weak demand for temperature and weather. Recently, the terminal demand has also shrunk due to the sudden drop in temperature, causing a weak shock. According to the communication with local traders in Cangzhou, various good news last week led to the shipment of thermal expansion pipes in Cangzhou in the past two weeks, which is better in the off-season, and the shipment of some specifications has improved. However, the trading atmosphere in the small and medium-sized pipe market is still cold, and the demand is slowing down gradually. To sum up, it is expected that the market price of Cangzhou seamless pipe will be stable and weak in the near future.

臨沂管工場の出荷価格は,現金宝成(* mm,以下同じ)元,金正陽元,瑞鋼連元,宝達元,美新元,太宗元がそれぞれ元,元下がった.

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